Below please find our latest usability tips intended to ensure your SureDesk™ performance is at its best.  


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Outlook – It’s the Item Count That Matters

Keeping fewer than 500 items in your Inbox helps Outlook performance and avoids Outlook crashes.  You can find more helpful tips for Outlook here:


Applications – Close ‘em when you Fold ‘em

Closing programs that you aren't using helps your computer’s performance. Keeping open a large number of browser tabs/word files/miscellaneous programs will put a heavier strain on any computer.  When you are done with a file, tab or program, close it and reduce the processing drain on your desktop.


Streaming – Not for Work

We recommend using your local machine, not your SureDesk™, for streaming services or meeting spaces.  Some streaming examples include, but are not limited to: NetFlix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, GoToMeeting.


Say Goodnight Right

At the end of your work day, Log Off your SureDesk™ properly to avoid profile potential issues.  The correct way to close your SureDesk™ is to click the Windows button on your taskbar and select Log Off. This is, by default, in the lower left corner of the desktop, as shown below.