I'm a big fan of Windows System Restore and today reminded me of just how great a feature it is. Hats off to the folks who thought it up and implemented it.

I was installing a new VPN client on my main machine and, foolishly I will add, had two different VPN clients (one using IPSec and one using SSL) connected already. When I installed the new VPN client, about halfway through the install both of my current connections were severed and my machine went into an automatic shutdown. No problem I thought, I'll either uninstall and reinstall the VPN or just continue the VPN install and I'll be fine. Well, this install leaves something around to let it know an install was in process. Perhaps I could have figured out what that was and cleared it, but I figured it was a safer bet just to restore the system to the point before the install. Sure enough, there was the restore point waiting for me. I restored back to that point in time and re-ran the install (not connected through the VPN this time!) and everything worked out nicely.