Note: Screenshots are from Windows Vista, but the procedure is the same for Vista and XP


Part 1 - Creating a new Profile


1.  Click the Start button choose “Control Panel”, and on the left-hand pane, click “Classic View”.  Then choose “Mail” from the list of options:



2.  Next, click "Show Profiles":



3.  Next, you will come to the following screen, which may or may not have a pre-existing profile.  Either way, click “Add”:





and give your profile a descriptive name...



Part 2 - Configuring Your Account


1.  If you are setting up Outlook 2007 for the first time, you will see the following two screens; click “Next” on the “Outlook 2007 Startup” screen, and then answer “Yes” to the question of whether you’d like to set up an email account.  If you’ve used Outlook 2007 before, you’ll jump straight to the screen in step 2.



2.  This next screen is entitled “Auto Account Setup”.  Here, you’ll want to enter your name and your email address, and then click “Next”.



3.  You'll see the following screen for a few moments:




You'll now see this box:




5.     Click the “Don’t ask me about this website again” checkbox, and click “Allow”.  You should then see a screen congratulating you on the successful setup of your profile.


6.     The last step is to log into your new profile with your username and password, and make a change to your options.  Once you’re in Outlook, choose “Tools à Account Settings”, select your Exchange account, and click “Change”.


7.     Then, click “More Settings”, select the “Connection” tab, and on the bottom of the window, select “Exchange Proxy Settings”.  You’ll see the following window:


8.     Here, just check the circled checkbox for “On fast networks…”, then click “OK” twice, and then “Next”, and “Finish”, and your Thoughtbus account will be completely configured in the Outlook Profile.