We have a JetStor iSCSI device with a large amount of disk space that's in the network with our burly servers. One of which is running xenServer and we've been working on getting it up and running with a Windows 2008 domain. It's great to have a system that no one is using for real work to tinker with (perhaps I'll write about that more later) but today I realized that the Storage Repository (SR) we're putting our server installs on is too small and wanted to expand it. Thankfully a search on Google pointed me to the Citrix forums where I found this article with just the information I needed. Unfortunately it didn't quite work, it's missing a reboot step, so I'll go through the steps here so we have all the steps in one place.

1. xe sr-list name-label=<SR name you want to resize>

Now you need to record the UUID of the SR you're going to resize.
2. pvscan | grep <enough of the uuid you recorded in the previous step to limit the list>
Now you need to note the device name of the device you're going to resize.

3. Reboot your xenServer

Now, here's where I get a little antsy. Anytime I'm rebooting a server that I just have remote access too, I'm a little concerned that it's not going to come back. Thankfully it came up just fine, except all of the SR's were unplugged. What the %#^$? I talked with Seth and he told me this has happened before and we just needed to go through and "repair" each one, which thankfully plugged them in.

4. pvresize <device name>  (e.g.:  pvresize /dev/sdc )

5. xe sr-scan uuid=<the uuid you noted in step 1>

And hopefully, now you'll look at your xenCenter and see the extra space.