Terracycle File Server and Backup Recommendations


Terracycle currently stores and shares data on client machines and their “Main Frame” a NAS RAID device.

1.        NAS device (Main Frame) currently contains

a.       26 high-level directories

b.      14152 sub directories

c.       454.5GB total Data[1]

                                                               i.      Approx. 220GB Business Data

                                                             ii.      Approx. 250GB Graphics

d.      This data resides on one 500GB mirrored drive that is currently being expanded by Zirius to a mirrored 1TB RAID configuration.

2.       Several client computers contain a significant amount of graphics and video data

a.       Total photography, graphics and video stored is approaching 1.2 TB[2]



Topaz recommends the following solution to increase reliability, security, manageability and scalability of Terracycle’s important data.

  1.  Install Windows File Server which will be hosted at Topaz’s secure Network Operations Center.  The Terracycle  file server will have redundant RAID storage devices for storing and backing up data.  Data that is stored and backed up will be treated as two distinct categories:
    1. Business Critical Data  This data is backup up to nightly and stored on RAID storage devices independent of the file server
    2. Archive Data  Less critical or extremely large files that will be backed up on a less frequent schedule dictated by Terracycle
  2. The Windows File Server will contain the following drives
    1. Department - Business Critical Data

                                                               i.      Each department will have their own directory  on the Department drive.  Access to the drive and directories will be controlled by Windows Active Directory and will be dictated by Terracycle internal rules.  Users with proper authority will be able to read and write files to the drive and create any sub-directory structure they desire.

    1. User – Business Critical Data

                                                               i.      Each user will have a directory on the User drive.  Access to the to the drive and directories will be controlled by Windows Active Directory and will be dictated by Terracycle’s internal security rules.

    1. Archive – Archive Data

                                                               i.      Initially the Archive drive will be an exact copy of what is now on the Main Frame NAS device.  Access to the drive and directories will be controlled by Windows Active Directory and will be dictated by Terracycle’s internal security rules.  Additionally, critical photography, graphics or video files should also be moved from individuals’ client machines and stored on the appropriate server drive and directory.

                                                             ii.      Terracycle should determine what data on the Archive drive classifies as Business Critical data and move it to the appropriate directories created in the Departments and or User drive.  

                                                            iii.       Terracycle should also review the Archive data and remove any data that does not require the multiple redundancies our backup system provides.  This will not only help in business organization, but also save Terracycle in backup costs.  Zirius can further help diagnose and analyze directory structures and identify extremely large files, duplicate files, ancient files etc. that may not benefit from being on the file server and backed up.   



Overview of Main Frame Top-Level Directory Structure


Directory Report: File Data



5/7/2008 14:05





Disk Z:



File system type: NTFS



Allocation Block Size = 1024 bytes



19,081,052,160 bytes free












8 files



 26 directories



 14152 directories in all subdirectories



368453 files in all subdirectories



454,238,945,835 including all subdirectories



454,438,418,432 actual including all subdirectories



Size(bytes) including all subdirectories


Directory: Summer Associate Files



Directory: MKT - Marketing and Sales



Directory: MGT - Management and Personnel



Directory: IT - Information Technology



Directory: LEG - Legal



Directory: PUB - Publicity and Public Relations



Directory: CON - Idea Bank



Directory: WEB - Web Folders



Directory: INV - investment



Directory: PRO - Product



Directory: MFG - Manufacturing



Directory: System Volume Information



Directory: FIN - Finance



Directory: data



Directory: ADM - Administration



Directory: ~~~Stuff to sort



Directory: Accident






Directory: IND - Industry and Competition



Directory: GOV - Governance



Directory: HR - Human Resources



Directory: Sales Rep Manual



Directory: RECYCLER



Directory: Recycle Bin



Directory: untitled folder



Directory: .TemporaryItems



Email 5.1.08

Hi Betsy,


So of 470 GB of data on the Mainframe, only about 70 GB is graphics.

That is a lot of data that is not related to graphics. It also appears to be growing quickly.


I will pass this to the tech team, but right up front I see this:


Regarding the Mainframe:

·         Do you have any idea what the rest of the data is, or who owns it in the company?

·         Do you have any idea how much of it is currently used, and how much is unimportant for ongoing operations (and can therefore be archived)?


Regarding total graphics storage:

So there is almost a terabyte of video on multiple hard drives local to Dean.

·         Do you have any idea how much of it is currently used, and how much is unimportant for ongoing operations (and can therefore be archived)?





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Does this info from Dara help?  B.



File Sizes on Mainframe:

There are three folders that contain Graphics or Photos-- DaraTC-118G Dean-27.1G Artwork-30.5G Photography-72.8G


Video Files on External Hard Drives-900G


Attached are screen shots of file sizes and date ranges.






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[1] Figure for total data on “Main Frame” NAS. See References.

2 Figure for local machines Based on 5.1.2008 email from David Henry. See References.