When:   April 24, 2008 2:00pm-3:00pm
Type:   Conference

1) Status of OBU clients

a) Priority

b) Scheduling

c) Knowledge transfer

d) Sales as part of service

2) Carbozyme

a) Change in person meeting at CZ on Weds to phone

1) Proposal that Bonnie be the one to make this call with John next week

but we can discuss.

b) Theres also a number of sales points to clarify with CZ, including

onsite/offsite rates

After hours rates

scope or responsibility for Zirius

3) Terracycle

a) NAS drive request

1) Spec'd out drive. 2 additional 500gb drives. (SS)

b) Scheduling of techs

4) Card Management

a) ACT upgrade

b) Review ACT transfer to Sugar

c) Activating MX Logic for Card Management


Additional Info/Contact: