Sections:Release Notes

Instructions for Version Releases


April 25, 2008 - Release to QA Testing

May 1, 2008 - Release to Production


Ticket List To Be Completed

Reference Ticket List





Features and Enhancements

Performance Optimization

  • Site Performance: Query Counts on homepage down to #?


Making and Editing Posts

  • Comments on Posts


Users and Groups




 Load Testing and Infrastructure Development 


Bug Fixes



Instructions for Version Releases

  1. check the latest completed ticket report
  2. copy this post in a new post
  3. fill in the entries below using the latest closed ticket information
  4. Add the new Release Notes to the section "Release Notes"
  6. delete these instructions
  7. Make a new entry in the Release Notes Summary Document that links to the new Release Notes
  8. Follow the QA Test Plan before publishing to Production





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