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March 27 - Released to Production


Features and Enhancements



Application Core

  • Document Objekt2 and TableAccessors
  • Add data sharing info to groups and relationships
  • Join Groups
  • Subscribe.php should not default to text only email
  • add OnceClickClubs, SiteID 57 to point not copy on NewSite
  • add copy to edit links
  • show groups to members of groups
  • Create a master topazport.css


Posts and Mailings

  • add password and wrapper to subscribe.php
  • Bounce code should use known values as first line of lookup
  • Unpublish should become republish when an item has already been unpublished
  • expire events after they are done adjustment
  • Add HTML purifier to FCKEditorInput Class
  • listofposts byline and read links like newsletter


Users and Groups

  • Group view users, user profile view, browse users
  • View content byuser and bygroup
  • Groups/User Content and view permissions refining
  • Fixes for User Profile
  • Change the profile toggle options to Private and Members Only
  • Showing a group roster
  • New group roster browser
  • Viewing a user's personal information should follow the settings for the user and the group
  • new/group automation support
  • URL to list content associated with users and groups


Bug Fixes

  • Wrapper not applied to autouseremployment objekt
  • yaamny calendar erases past dates
  • Group Edit page missing data fields on
  • No ID supplied message when adding a subgroup
  • Non-admins can edit unpublished posts
  • edit/Subscriptions.php should create an autouser
  • event type defaults to first in list
  • List of Fixes for Cyprian.
  • Order Groups in Group drop down by Alphabet
  • Group permissions issues
  • Problem with list of posts when days are large
  • Add History to HTML Objekt
  • Fix image display on Yaamny
  • Issue with copied content not keeping sections
  • Group View Permissions Update
  • Joining Already Joined SQL error
  • Site admins having site admin status across sites
  • Fix Collection.php
  • Add footer to simplemailingV2
  • Add Descriptions back to manage subscriptions page
  • Run a script to allow Alberto to hand Eliminate Duplicates from the DB
  • Cannot log off
  • Contribute section link doesn't appear to work
  • CallOut Images Fix, CallOut selector fix and login css fix
  • Contribute links needs listofposts needs to put it in the sections that are shown in the listofposts
  • Event Posting forgets date on error
  • Cannot add ClubLeaders Users to Group on YAAMNY
  • Problems with unsubscribe link
  • Yaamny Council Members Cannot See the member Roster
  • FCK mailto: obfuscation not working properly
  • List of posts Hides Hidden
  • Final Bugs for TopazPort 1325 Release
  • Issue saving subscriptions for user


TRAC WORK LIST completed