LimeVPN, in the quest to become the best VPN provider, has provided a 256-bit encryption mechanism so that the internet users are not disappointed regarding the aspect of data safety and security. The VPN services offered by the company are set up on OpenVPN, PPTP, Softether, SSTP and L2TP protocols that facilitate the ultimate powerful VPN connectivity.  LimeVPN has expanded its services by providing 6000+ IP addresses and provides a distinctive IP once requested by the user. The cost of the dynamic and static IP obviously varies, the static IP being slightly costlier. However, when compared with other VPN service providers, LimeVPN provides VPN services at much faster connectivity and cheaper rates.

With the increasing cases of online data theft, internet users have every reason to be extra cautious regarding their network connection and its security. LimeVPN is doing everything it can to make the internet browsing experience of people hassle-free and a pleasant one, by providing uninterrupted internet access, from anywhere and at anytime.

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