Zac Lipman
Zac Lipman
Dispatch Manager
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Zac is a multi-talented, fast- typing, smooth talking dispatcher with a penchant for learning new things and helping others. His background in customer service and marketing are extensive and cover a wide range. From hawking credit cards at the World Series to managing a customer service territory you will find that Zac brings unique package of problem solving, work ethic and desire to get the job done right.

What do you do at
I am the dispatcher. Communicator, facilitator, liaison, morale booster, report generator, scheduler, follow upper, and quicker “clicker” picker upper.

Who am I?
Realist, Funko Pop! Collector, Gamer, Writer, and someone that is always moving forward.

All Time Favorite Gadget
Smart phones(with a soft spot for Android OS) Wow. One device that can stream vast amounts of music, comes out with persistent updates that add features and an application for pretty much anything that you can(or cant) shake a stick at. I remember when all they did was make phone calls and play snake!

Favorite Cereal?
Kashi Go Lean (unfortunately I just started calorie counting so cereal is out.)
**Calorie counting tip** if you do not have a kitchen scale consider picking one up. It’s a great way to keep track of what you eat and remain accurate in your serving sizes which don’t always match what is on the box. Be warned though an actual serving size of French fries is REALLLLLLY sad.

Favorite Childhood Memory?
I remember coming home from little league to a brand new copy of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Great formative gaming experience!

Favorite Vacation Spot? Why?
I should take a vacation!

Favorite Blog?

Favorite Website? is obsession

What do you want clients to know about technology?
It isn’t scary. Approach it with patience and a desire to understand it and in time you will.