>Gary Gertz
Gary Gertz
Director of Operations

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Who am I?
Curmudgeon and pop culture curator, father, husband, philosopher, warrior monk.

Favorite Smell
None, I am nose blind.

Favorite Cereal?

Favorite Childhood Memory?
School trip to Hayden Planetarium (Pluto is a planet, damn you Neal Tyson).

Favorite Vacation Spot? Why?
Anywhere with sand between my toes and fast Wi-fi.

What do you do at SureTech?
Work to bridge the gaps between technology and its application, between geeks and business people, and between reality and expectations.

Favorite Blog?

Favorite Website?
https://plug.dj/ (social music listening)

What do you want clients to know about technology?
Clarify what you are trying to do before you think about the technology to use.