I went to a wonderful high school in Durham, North Carolina - Jordan High School. One of the physics projects I participated in was the "Rocket Lab" where we launched small rockets in the air, figured out how high they went and then tried to figure out an equation for rocket height based on measurements of things like rocket length, fin area, number of fins, etc. When I heard that there were some students from JHS now working with NASA to launch sizeable rockets to over 5000 ft. I got involved by helping to sponsor them. As a result, we have the SureTech logo on their rocket (which is a nice shade of blue I might add).

Here's a picture of their rocket with the SureTech logo. They will be launching it Saturday, April 20th from Huntsville, Alabama (another place I loved as a kid because of the Space and Rocket Museum there). The first launch is at 8:30 ET and can be viewed on the Marshall Space Flight channel - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nasa-msfc.