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11/11/2010 - Release to Production


Features and Enhancements

New Features

Customized searching on a per-site basis with the advsearch object.

 Performance Optimization


Users and Groups

Editing group properties creates history.

Groups can have extended properties on a per-site basis.

 Making and Editing Posts

 Check to see if the listofposts link has a begnning / or not and add one if necessary.

 Display and Layout

Extra div added to ResultSet to allow for better formatting.

 Load Testing and Infrastructure Development 

Improvements to site defined classes
Added copy function for SelectLayout2


Bugs Fixed

Error in theme code for WWBC that only was an issue for administrators.

Popup windows could appear above the top of the window if the screen was smaller than the popup.

Installing on a non-production machine could crash while updating a cache.