Setting up SureMail™ to work with Mac Mail, Calendar, Address Book on OS/X Snow Leopard

The Mac Mail, Calendar, and Address Book applications included with OS/X Snow Leopard will synchronize with your Exchange Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts folders.  Snow Leopard will also sync your Tasks and Notes folders.  However, there are a number of prerequisites, one of them being an Exchange 2007 or 2010 mailbox.



-          Macintosh OS/X 10.6 -- “Snow Leopard”


-          You’ll need to ensure that your email domain has an “autodiscover” CNAME record set up. If you need more details, please see the following FAQ, “How do I set up my DNS for the ‘autodiscover’ service? 



1.     Open your Mac Mail application

2.     Under the “File” menu, choose “Add Account”.  Enter your name, email address, and password.

3.     If your autodiscover entry is set up correctly, Mac Mail will find the correct settings for you.  If you entered an incorrect password, or if your primary email address is different from your UPN login ID, you’ll be prompted to enter the correct information:

4.     Finally, choose whether you want to sync “Address Book” and/or “Calendar”: