1. Connected to multiple transfer switches
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CONFIRMATION leases datacenter space in some of the best data centers in the world. These locations are protected by master security experts and are far safer from disasters, outside threats and administrative errors or threats than most office on-site storage. No SureFiles™ client data is ever stored on servers outside of tier 1 data centers.

Typical key features include:

  • Connected to multiple transfer switches
  • 1,500 kVA of uninterruptible power supply
  • Multiple HVAC systemwith 1,000 tons of available cooling
  • Redundant backbone connectivity including Level 3, Telia, AT&T and MCI backbones
  • $millions in ongoing hardware and infrastructure upgrades and updates to maintain state of the art reliability and efficiency

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With locations in New York, Pittsburg, Chicago, Florida, Virginia and the UK, our hosted services are managed, secure, distributed and redundant to protect your data.