July has been a busy month at SureTech.com.  Since our formal incorporation on June 25 2009:

  • We have raised $35,000.  
  • We have signed 7 new clients in the past month, and are developing a channel sales partnership with a shared office space company in New York that has 400 clients which could be a good prototype for sourcing new business.
  • Thus far our new clients this month are in the under 10 seats category and if we get one client closer to 50 seats by October we should be in a strong position for our two year plan in the Investment summary.  We currently have two active prospects in this 40+ size range.
  • We are in the final stages of our website re-design, scheduled to launch in August, which will significantly enhance our corporate image.
  • Our first Insights e-Newsletter went out this week and we plan to send out monthly newsletters starting with our current mailing list of about 1,600.

We are excited by the growth we have seen this month and look forward to more regular investor updates as we continue to grow.


- Alberto Molina

President & CEO, SureTech.com