Whether you come to us because your system has crashed, your business needs are changing, or you are just starting out and need solutions… you’ve come to the right place. Your first meeting with SureTech.com begins with us understanding your communications needs and working together to come up with the best solutions for your business.

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If you’ve crashed we’ll fix it first and then help you to understand how to make sure that never happens again. Setting up a system from scratch? We’ll help you make the right decisions. Software is not performing optimally? We can recommend something new or even create software to match your exact needs.

We're here to help at: (609) 688.1111.


Using our 27-point checklist, we’ll make sure we understand the hardware, software and talent assets you have along with the workflow you need to support.  We'll then work with you to craft a seamless plan to support where you are, get where you're going and most likely save you money in the process. 

To begin investing more in your people and less in fixing your IT, give us a call at: (609) 688-1111


You will hear any time you speak with us, and in what you see on this website - we are passionate about, and focused on, delivering value.   What we care about in all our solutions is what you care about:

Performance,  Flexibility, Security and Cost

Our SureSolutions™ in every case maximize features and security within the bounds of delivering maximum ROI for the needs of small and medium businesses. 

We are cost conscious in the extreme and are dedicated to the efficiency and scalability of our infrastructure and operations.  By leveraging our infrastructure and methodology for our customers we in many cases can entirely remove the need for up front capital expenditures for our customers.  Because of this, and because we don't require long term contracts, our SureSolutions™ subscriptions provide the maximum flexibility and lowest total cost of utilization for each of the core IT infrastructure services we provide.

While being dedicated to offering state of the art technology for it's productivity and usability gains and providing knowledgeable, even "cool" -

 California based support and user coaching

- our costs are often dollar for dollar lower than our customers were paying before, to support often slower, older and less capable systems with much less available customer support or coaching than we provide. But that's not the only way we save our customers money:

What's the value of a day of business? 
What do you EARN each day you are more productive?

Businesses sometimes think of their IT costs as the total dollar value spent on hardware, software and services. However, the hidden cost of lost time and productivity due to technical problems is the single largest expense of business technology today.

Our total cost over three years saves you at least 20% - 40%

for better, faster and newer systems than you would pay to manage your own smaller, slower, older systems.  With our comprehensive offering of SureSolutions, backed by SureTraining, we guarantee you have the tools you need, when you need them and make sure that you know exactly how to use them.



  1. Have the right solutions with the right training to maximize the effectiveness of your team and workflow
  2. Have the latest upgrades automatically ensuring you are benefiting from the continual productivity gains and usability innovations offered in IT
  3. Rely on our full-time professionals and enterprise infrastructure to keep things running and to support you as you grow
  4. What's the value to your business of one day of business?  Get back the 4 days a year small business systems typically fail. We’ll get you to 4 hours or less of unscheduled interruptions a year
  5. Cost Clarity: With one invoice you’ll know exactly what you are spending on technology
  6. Cost Predictability: All our SureSolutions cover all troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades for a fixed monthly fee
  7. Accountability and Continuity: If you ever have a problem you have one place to call - us - and your satisfaction is guaranteed
  8. Cost Savings: Our total cost for better, faster, smarter systems is easily 20%-40% lower than you would pay to manage your own smaller, slower, older systems.

To invest more in your people and your business instead of your IT, give us a call today at (609) 688.1111.



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